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Tall & Lean
Tall & Lean font

Tall & Lean 

Note of the author

A font long-time coming. Designed to be a font family with backward slanting letters, I started this font while I was in the throes of finishing Petal Glyph and had nearly finished the entire family of upright and slanting letters. I placed it on the back burner until I could figure out what to do with it and how to fix the back-slant issues that were cropping up. Fast forward to mid/late 2013, I dusted the font off and decided that I needed to rebuild the font from scratch using the old version as a template to unify weight, dimensions, and kerning. I also discovered that I was missing some glyphs, so I added them as well to make the font more complete. Here is the final upright project in it's regular weight. 

Tall & Lean font download, Tall & Lean font.