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Quinone font

Quinone.otf , QuinoneOblique.otf

Note of the author

== EULA ==

Thank you for downloading Quinone! Before you can use this typeface in your designs, you must read and agree to this End User License Agreement. It’s nothing serious or restrictive. Hopefully.

== Terminology ==

“you”: This license addresses the user(s) of the font, who could be an individual or a group (see below).

font: This license will use the word “font” to mean the OpenType font files included in the download, as well as the collective design of the letters.

group: A group is a company or a graphical team who are working together on a free or commercial project. A group should not contain more than 10 users who plan to actively use the font. If the users switch from workstation to workstation, the font may be installed in 1.5n computers (round off), where n is the number of users.

legitimate source: A legitimate source is a website where the font is directly uploaded by the author, and available for download. Dafont is a legitimate source of choice for UkiyoMoji fonts at the time of writing. any other website, except Creative Market, is likely an illegitimate source.

== Commercial Use ==

The commercial use of the font is allowed only for a user, individual or a member of a group, who 1) downloaded the font from a legitimate source, 2) has express permission from UkiyoMoji for said commercial use, and 3) has declared in good faith that the use does not violate the use guidelines. If this font is downloaded from an illegitimate source, any use of the font is NOT allowed.

A member of a group may only “take home” font data for use within the group’s projects. Any commercial use outside the project is not allowed.


When possible, the font should be credited; this should include the name of the font and its designer/foundry “UkiyoMoji Fonts”

Quinone font download, Quinone font.